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The Scroll of Daniel The Scroll of Daniel is among the rarest Scrolls in the world.   This Scroll of Daniel is opened to the column that includes the account of Daniel in the lions den, Daniel 6 Daniel includes one of the best charts to set the exact timing for The Messiah.

5 Megillot

The Megillot The Hebrew Scroll called the five Megillot is very hard to find with all five of the books on one Scroll as it should be. The word Megilla means Scroll and the word Megillot is plural meaning Scrolls. These are very short Scrolls, sometimes requiring only one sheet to make up a Scroll. …

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Scroll of Job

The Hebrew Scroll of Job The Scroll of Job is a very rare Hebrew Scroll, rarely ever seen in a Synagogue.   The Hebrew Scroll of Job is opened to the column that contains Job 19:25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: 26 …

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Hebrew Scroll Proverbs The Hebrew Scroll of Proverbs is classified among the Writings and is a very rare Scroll.  Further work and more information concerning this Scroll is in progress.   The Scroll of Proverbs is opened to the column that contains Proverbs 34:4   Can you answer ANY or PERHAPS ALL of these questions? …

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Scroll of Psalms

Hebrew Scroll of Psalms The Scroll of Psalms was the rarest of Scrolls added to this collection. Probably no Gentiles and not many Jewish people have seen a Scroll of Psalms. They were not written for public use in the Synagogue since the eighth century.  None of the Soferim and museums I have contacted have …

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