5 Megillot


The Megillot

The Hebrew Scroll called the five Megillot is very hard to find with all five of the books on one Scroll as it should be. The word Megilla means Scroll and the word Megillot is plural meaning Scrolls. These are very short Scrolls, sometimes requiring only one sheet to make up a Scroll. Usually the books or Scrolls are cut apart and used individually throughout the year. I told a Sofer in London that I had a Scroll that contained four of the five books and he said he had never seen one.


Five Megillot 1 1106


The Scroll is opened to the Book of Ruth


five-Megillot 2 1107


The next five photographs are from various Megillot from Poland to Morocco. All have been through the Holocaust and arr were severely damaged.

The Scroll of Ruth

five megillot 01 Ruth


The Scroll of lamentations

five Megillot LamentationsMicrosoft PowerPoint - Presentation1_001


The Scroll of Song of Songs

five megillot Song of Songs zz5


The Scroll of Ecclesiastes

five Megillot Ecclesiastes 2015


The Scroll of Esther (The smallest I have ever seen)

five megilot Esther Level