Scroll of Isaiah

Hebrew Scroll of Isaiah

The Hebrew Scroll of Isaiah was written in Russia before the Holocaust. It was damaged and could no longer be brought back to the kosher standard. We purchased this Scroll from Machon OT in Jerusalem in 2004.


Hebrew Scroll of Isaiah written in Russia


Hebrew Scroll of Isaiah written in Russia opened to Isaiah chapter 53

The Scroll of Isaiah opened to the column where Isaiah chapter 53 is located. I have purchased nine Scrolls of Isaiah and this one follows the original format of keeping Isiah chapter 53 in the same paragraph as Isaiah chapter 52:13 through verse 15. Only one Scroll I have purchased has separated Isaiah chapter 53 as the King James Bible has the passage separated.

The following photograph is from another Scroll of Isaiah which shows the same separation as this Scroll

Isaiah 53 from a Hebrew Scroll


Isaiah new etz chain


Isaiah 9_6 Russian Scroll_001


Isaiah 14 1


Isaiah 40 1


Isaiah 40 3